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          Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC
          Taylor Goodell - Financial Controller

          Taylor Goodell - Financial Controller

          Wilmington, NC, US

          Born and raised in California, I moved to Wilmington, NC, my Sophomore year and graduated from Ashley High School. I attended UNCW and graduated with my Bachelors. Having a deep love for the beach during my west coast summers, I quickly took to the Intracoastal Waterway and the boating community. I currently live in Greenville, NC, with my boyfriend where we enjoy fishing and relaxing on our boat. 

          I've had a few years gaining the experience to properly process and title boats in multiple states and agencies. I was blessed to be able to work with many elite boating companies and have access to some of the best boaters in the world. 
          I'm excited to be joining the Off the Hook team and bringing my previous knowledge to their company.